At times I am asked to help with the training of specialised dogs for various tasks.
Assistance Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Companion Dogs, School Dogs etc. They can be done but there needs to be a high level of involvement and commitment from you to make it happen. I am more than happy to help and guide you along the way.
Costs do vary depending on how much training is involved in training a specialised dog to suite your needs .

ANIMAL ASSISTED THERAPY – Adele prides herself on her animal assisted therapy and can tailor a program to suit your individual needs.  She is able to work in schools or with children under the age of 16 and holds a Working with Childrens Check valid till 2020.  She also holds a Diploma in Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) and has been in the industry for over 30+ years.

Adele has specialised dogs who can do visits to residential facilities for the elderly or disabled.  She can go to schools and is also able to work within special needs classes if required.

Adele’s dogs can also come in during exam times to help students to relax and concentrate on their exams or during any event which may be stressful for the students including traumas or in counseling sessions .

(Adele will put further information up on the dogs and their skills in the near future)

CURRENT PRICE LIST – April 2018 (These prices are only for the Mudgee Town Area, outside of this area there will be travel costs on top, currently $50 per hr round trip)

School Visits for Assisted Therapy Programs (teaching the children to brush the dog, play fetch, reading to the dogs etc – $100 per hr

School Visits for meet and greets (stress relief for students can be done in the classroom off lead and supervised or on lead in the playground) This incorporates lots of patting, chatting to both the dog and handler- $50 per hr

Residential Homes for the Elderly, Therapy Visits – $50 per hr

Disability Group Homes, Therapy Visits – $50 per hr

Adele is Full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insured and holds a Working with Childrens Check till 2020

Please contact me via email to discuss. adele@pads-australia.org