There are many and varied assistance dogs working, such as Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs, Mobility Dogs, Diabetes Alert Dogs, Seizure Alert Dogs, Mental Health, Autism Assistance Dogs and many more. These dogs are highly skilled and it takes a lot of dedication and training to get the dogs to an acceptable level to pass as a fully accredited assistance dog. It can take up to 3 years to train a dog depending on the skills required.


All clients will need to complete our application form and pay a non refundable deposit to apply.

TEMPERAMENT OF THE DOG – The dog will be required to have a “suitability temperament test” done before commencing our program.  It is vitally important that you are absolutely sure that your dog will be suitable before embarking on this life changing journey.

This will result in a training plan to fill in any gaps in training and socialisation and prepare the team for a Public Access Test.

PAT TESTS – All dogs/teams must be trained and under the guidance of PADS to be able to be offered a PAT Test as an Assistance Dog Team for an Individual or a Therapy Dog for facilities/schools etc.

I do not cover your Public Liability Insurance you must take out your own.


This is based on working in Mudgee, NSW 2850 (I can come to you if required just please remember there are added costs to be included as below as well as accommodation costs).

Application Form – Non refundable – $100

Initial Suitability Test Consultation and Assessment – $200 – If you pass the suitability test then you will also need to pay for PADS Registration before receiving your Registration Package.

PADS Registration including, badges, ID, manual etc – $300 per annum

Public Access Test (Annual Accreditation) – $300 yearly

Training and Travel – NDIS clients or not on a pension – $50 per hr

Training and Travel – Clients on a pension – $45 per hr

An overnight stay will need to be included for travel of more than 3.5 hrs one way from Mudgee. – $175 per night

Skype/Telephone/Consults/Video Assessments – $35 per 30 mins

NB:  Some airlines may not accept my PAT tests and you will need to check for suitability with the airline you wish to use.

NSW Transport Approved –  Individual Trainer/Certifier


I also work alongside many organisations and specialists so am also able to refer you to the right organisation that may be willing to help.

INTERPRETERS/ADVOCATES/CARERS – I include the teams interpreters, advocates, carers etc in the support throughout the training and ongoing aftercare once PAT approved.  I make sure I am giving my clients the best one on one, confidential support available from PADS.

INSURANCE:  PADS is Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insured

It is your responsibility to take out your own insurance as you own the dog NOT PADS.

DISCLAIMER: PADS is NOT liable for injuries, lost or damage etc