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adele's qualification

Adele's Qualifications

Adele’s qualifications, training and membership are as follow;



  • Diploma in Animal Assisted Therapy

  • Greenhound Assessor

  • NSW Transport approved Trainer/Certifier

  • Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services, Delta Institute Australia

  • Canine Good Citizen Award™, Accredited Trainer, Delta Institute Australia

  • Medical Alert Dog Trainer, trained by internationally renowned sniffer dog trainer Debby Kay and her Super Sniffer Program™

  • Scent Detection Dog Trainer, trained by internationally renowned sniffer dog trainer Debby Kay and her Super Sniffer Program™

  • Cat Behaviour Consulting Course Completed - Pet Behaviour Academy - Dr Kate Mournement

  • Certificate in Animal Behavior and Welfare through the University of Edinburgh, UK

  • Certificate in EDIVET: Do you have what it takes to be a Veterinarian? Through the University of Edinburgh, UK

  • Pets as Therapy Temperament Assessor, Area coordinator and Speaker formerly for Pets as Therapy, UK

  • Member of the Australian Association of Pet Dog Trainers  (APDT, Australia)

  • Pet Professional Guild International and Australia

  • A Member of the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP) as an Australian Provider Member

  • Doggone Safe – Be a Tree Presenter

  • Current Senior First Aid Certificate


  • APDT Annual Conference 2014

  • Multi Dog Households – Emily Larlham

  • Canine Emotional Detox (CED) – Dianne Garrod

  • Exploring the Possibilities of Targeting – Emily Larlham

  • Tellington Touch – Robyn Hood

  • What is going on Between the ABC’s – Emily Larlham

  • Children in Dog Training Classes – Elaine Kennedy

  • Solving Frustration – Emily Larlham

  • Discover the Fun and Benefits of K9 Nose Work ® – Marion Brand

  • Separating Triggers – Emily Larlham

  • Looking Deeper into THE CED – Dianne Garrod

  • Relaxation as Part of A Stress Release Program For Dogs – Diane Garrod

  • Anticipation: The Sweetest Smell Of All – Peta Clarke

  • K9 Nosework ® Demonstration – Marion Brand

  • Simplifying Behaviour Modification for the Client – Dianne Garrod

  • Multi-Dog Households Fighting – Diane Garrod

  • Awareness Through Movement – Robyn Hood

  • Activating and Unlocking a Dogs DNA – 10 Sports Every Dog Trainer Needs to Know About – David Graham

  • Solving the Puzzle – Diane Garrod

  • Cat Behaviour Consulting - Completed Course - Pet Behaviour Academy - Dr Kate Mournement


Adele has also been awarded the “Positive about Disabled People, Two Ticks Award” in the UK in 2003 for her care and ambition to see disabled people succeed in their jobs through a company she owned in the UK.

After returning to Australia in 2008 Adele has provided pups from her own breeding program to Guide Dogs, SA.NT, Dogs for Kids with Disabilities, Paws for Diabetes, Dogs for Schools and also dogs for The DELTA dogs program and other animal assisted therapy roles. She has also supplied and helped mentor and train a variety of dogs for private individuals.


Members of Public

I have a wealth of experience in both companion animal compliance, as a trainer and behaviour
specialist, a licenced and registered microchip implanter and have also been involved in emergency
management and organising companion animal events for the welfare agencies.

If you would like to contact me to discuss a certain subject that I may be able to help with please
email me or use the contact form.

Members of Public
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