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Juvenile Puppy - 6 months and over

JUVENILE PUPPY PROGRAM – for dogs over 6 months of age
COST - $200 for 4 lessons
To book please click here:

$200 for 4 lessons
At the end of the 4 lessons your juvenile puppy will have a Juvenile Puppy Graduation and you and your puppy will receive a puppy graduation gift and a graduation certificate for completing my Juvenile Puppy Program.


This program provides you with the support to move forward with further training to our Adult Companion Dog Program. My emphasis at all times is on positive reinforcement training.
At the first session I will talk about the program structure and how we like to individualise the programs to suit the individual dogs within a class situation. I will also explain the importance of vaccinations, preventative flea and worm treatment, feeding and grooming and adulthood.


I will help you to teach your puppy to;

  • Respond to name

  • Eye contact with mild distractions

  • Walk nicely on a lead

  • Come when called under minor distractions

  • Sit for greeting

  • Begin socialisation with other dogs, children/adults

  • Sit when asked

  • Sit for greeting

  • Lie down and stand on cue

  • Allow handling, grooming and restraint

  • Leave objects when asked

  • Walk closely to cross the road

  • Stay briefly in position

  • Appropriate on-lead manners around dogs and people

  • Basic health care

  • How dogs learn

  • Positive reinforcement training

  • Appropriate handing and restraint of the dog

  • Guidance and guardianship

  • Dog body language

  • Environmental enrichment

  • Management and strategies for problem behaviours (e.g jumping, barking)

  • On-lead management around other dogs

  • All payments for the course are expected up front before starting your training program.

  • All puppies must come on a flat collar/lead or body harness

  • And must have had their first and second vaccination which is a C3 and a C5 incl KC

  • At 16weeks or over it is advisable to get a third vaccine which is a C3 this is due to the high rate of Parvo Virus in the area

  • NO choke chains or halti’s can be used on this course

  • Please make sure you have also wormed and flea treated your puppy prior to starting our training sessions.

  • Please bring with you a bottle of water, a bowl, poo bags and a favourite mat and toy.

  • All adults/children training must wear closed in shoes such as trainers/boots etc

  • All adults/children must wear trousers/jeans and a jumper/sweater whilst at training.

  • The above are health and safety requirements and if you do not wear these then you will be dismissed from class and asked to return the following week with appropriate wear.

  • A clicker and treats will be provided for training but please feel free to bring along you own treats if you would prefer.

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