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German Shepherd

Behaviour Assessment

BEHAVIOUR ASSESSMENT and Modification Support

Costs include travel within 100kms return trip from Mudgee, NSW.
Independent Behaviour Assessment – $400 (max 2 hrs consultation, including written report, copy of assessment, handouts, Links etc.) – including travel within 100kms return trip from Mudgee, NSW

Travel costs after the first 100kms of a return trip will be charged at $50 per hr

Before I do a private consult with regards behaviour modification I will send you via email my “Profiling Form” so I can ask you questions which will help me determine and write a program to suit you and your dog needs.
You may also have already seen a vet, if so I will need to see a report from your vet or consult with them so I can fully understand what the training or behaviour issue is. If this is the case I will send you a “release of information form” which I will need you to give to your vet and either you or your vet will need to email the completed form to me before I come for the home consult visit so I have a full understanding before I visit.


Like with any type of training nothing can be guaranteed but I will do my best to help you with your training requirements to the best of my knowledge. If I am unable to help you I will endeavour to forward you to another professional or organisation I feel would be more suitable for the training requirement you need.


I have a duty of care to refer a case if I feel that veterinary intervention is required for your dog. Don’t be alarmed, this can happen. I am here to work with you and help you to help your dog.

This can be short term and this will help us work with your dog with the support from your vet and sometimes it may be much longer term. We work with veterinary behaviourists, vets, specialist etc to make sure we can proceed and give the best possible outcome for you and your dog.

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