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Beagle Puppy


COST - $50 
Venue - Mudgee 
This is a fun taster session for you and your dog to learn about all things scent training.

We will be using food, toys.

This is a taster session of our full course The Nose Knows and is suitable for all dogs as a group course or for the more nervous anxious dogs as a one on one course.

It is natural for your dog to use their nose and this taster session will help them have fun doing what comes naturally to them.  We will be teaching them to find their toys or food and towards the end of the course we will be introducing a new scent.

Nosework is very therapeutic to both the dog and the owner.

The benefits of nosework are as follows;

Tires your dog, even for the most active dog you will find they will be more relaxed and sleep better

Nosework can be done in class, at home or even when you are taking your dog on holiday, it is a very adaptable game

This is a very safe game for your dog to play

It build confidence around other dogs, people and environments that your dog may not normally be comfortable being in

It helps build a good relationship with the owner and their dog

And your dog has lots of fun

Nosework Course

This taster session will be available on a regular basis throughout the year.  

If you would like to be added to the waiting list please email 

Q & A

Q. How long does the class go for?

A. The class goes for approx. 1.5 to 2hrs dependent on how the class is going. 

Q. How many weeks does the course run?

A. The Taster Session is a one off the full course called The Nose Knows runs for approx 1.5 to 2hrs a week for 4 weeks.

Q. How many dogs per class?

A. Maximum of 6 per class.  One on One Sessions can also be arranged.


Q.  What do I do with my dog whilst another dog is doing a search?

A. Your dog will be secured in your car or crate which should be covered so that they are resting.  Nosework can be quite exhausting for the dogs.


Q. What do we search for first.

A. We search for food or favorite toys.


Q. Do we have to compete?

A. No, this is purely for learning, fun and engaging in how your dog learns, enjoys and relaxes. Dogs are not interested in competition, dogs just want to have fun and enjoy life.

  • Basic understanding how the Olfactory System Works

  • Basic understanding how your dog lives, breaths and how Nosework is beneficial to their daily needs.

  • All payments for the course are expected up front before starting your training program.

  • All puppies must come on a flat collar/lead or body harness

  • And must have had their first and second vaccination which is a C3 and a C5 incl KC

  • At 16weeks or over it is advisable to get a third vaccine which is a C3 this is due to the high rate of Parvo Virus in the area

  • NO choke chains or halti’s can be used on this course

  • Please make sure you have also wormed and flea treated your puppy/dog prior to starting our training sessions.

  • Please bring with you a bottle of water, a bowl, poo bags and a favourite mat and toy.

  • All adults/children training must wear closed in shoes such as trainers/boots etc

  • All adults/children must wear trousers/jeans and a jumper/sweater whilst at training.

  • The above are health and safety requirements and if you do not wear these then you will be dismissed from class and asked to return the following week with appropriate wear.

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