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Cute Puppy



This program is designed for people thinking of getting a new puppy/dog and want to learn more on how to cope with bringing a new puppy/dog into the home and many other questions.

This is a one off approx 2 hr informal fun and interactive session to help you set up your home in readiness to introduce a puppy or older dog into your home. 

I will be happy to answer questions, what works and what doesn't so you can set your puppy/dog up to succeed from the start.  


We will cover the following;


  • Puppy/Dog proofing your house and garden

  • When and how to train your puppy/dog - The do's, the don't of training and why.

  • What training equipment you will need

  • Travelling in a vehicle

  • Holidaying with your puppy/dog

  • Enrichment

  • What equipment you may need, training, food, toys and the basic vet questions to ask your chosen vet.

  • How to introduce children or other animals to your new puppy/dog and vice versa.

  • We will also discuss, grooming, what to do if you need to go away, who will look after your puppy/dog.

  • Human and Dog etiquette

  • We will discuss the legislative requirements under the NSW Companion Animals Act, POCTAA and local and state requirements to owning a puppy/dog and what you can and can't do in public spaces.

  • And the requirement to have your pet microchipped and the pitfalls of what happens when an pet ends up in the pound system and what can happen if you don't keep your pets ownership details up to date.

This is a very relaxed session for you to enjoy.



  • All payments for the course are expected up front before starting the training program.

  • This is a casual meet and greet, no puppies/dogs come to this session this is purely for the humans 

  • Please feel free to bring along a drink and something to eat if you wish

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