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This course is designed to teach you how to train your dog to alert to your medical condition.

The course is approx 2 hrs per week for 5 weeks.

NB.  This is not a full assistance dog training course.  Assistance Dog Training course is a separate course to this. This is for training a scent to detect a medical condition.

Do you have an illness and would like to teach your dog how to detect when you are unwell.  I can teach you how to train your dog to alert to your medical condition.

This could be;
and many others types of illness or disease that may be able to be detected by your dog.

Please contact Adele if you would like to ask more information regarding your illness or disease

This course is designed to give you the tools to train your own dog to help with your medical condition. 

This requires a lot of training at home and out and about in your own time and you will come to classes to learn the next stage of the training.  

There are no guarantees that your dog will be able to achieve the desired result, this training take a lot of time and effort for you to achieve good results.  

You will also be required to keep a diary of your journey along with a diary of your alerts, this will be explained to you in the first lesson.

NB:  Please note you will be required to bring your own odours that you wish to teach your dog to alert to and this will be explained in your first session. 

NB:  PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG IF IT IS SOCIALLY CHALLENGED AROUND OTHER DOGS - we will be working in a small area and I value the safety of all my clients and their dogs.

Socially Challenged Dogs can still learn - here is how
If you would like to learn how to train a medical alert dog but cannot attend due to your dogs behaviour I can organise One on One Sessions with you at my consulting room.  You will not miss out.  

For anyone who has another type of animal that you think may be suitable for medical detection work and would like to learn more. Animals such as a cat, bird or other, this is possible and this would need to be done on a one on one basis.  Please call Adele to discuss.

Travel Costs - For one on one clients outside of the Mudgee CBD there will be a $50 per hr travel from Mudgee to destination return to Mudgee if I need to visit your home.  Most training would be done out of the my consulting room in Mudgee.

This training course consists of 5 sessions and this can sometimes take up to 2hrs to complete e
ach session.  
Maximum people and dogs on the course is 4.

NB:  This course is NOT an Assistance Dog Training Course. 
Assistance Dog Training is quite separate from this training as there is a lot of work that needs to go into training your dog to be in public and be able to achieve public access requirements.

Maximum of 4 teams (Handler & Dog)

Approximately 2hrs per session x 5 sessions
COST: $500
COST - 5 sessions - $500
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